Fall of 2020   (The year we would like to forget)

 WOW!  From the mid 90’s to the 60’s!!   What a drop into Fall.

I just wanted to pass along a couple of reminders, before the temperature really drops.

The sprinkler systems will be winterized next month, after the landscaping company stops mowing.

Make sure that the areas around the furnace and hot water heaters are clear of all materials, including boxes and storage bins.  This will eliminate any chance of accidental combustion, and also allows me access, in case I need to check or adjust any appliance.  Now is the time to check your furnace filter.  Contact me if you have any issues.  We will purchase filters if you don’t want to, but please change them regularly.

When you leave your home for an extended period of time, feel free to turn the water off and/or let me know that you will be gone.  In all the years I have been managing income property, I have had very few serious water flooding situations.  Remember, that if you have a basement, keep any valuable items off the floor.  Your only recovery for water damage is your own renters insurance, so keep those valuables out of harm’s way.  Hundred year rain storms and broken water heaters have and will continue to happen. 

Finally, with the coming Fall, so do the mice.  This year has been an unusually high frequency of mice.  We do our best to block all entrances for pests, but usually in the fall when the weather gets cooler, they look for warmer homes.  If they find food, they will stay and multiply like you won’t believe.  At the first sign of mice, put out traps baited with peanut butter.  It works the best.  DO NOT use the poison traps.  When a mouse dies inside a wall, the smell is not pleasant for several weeks.  If you trap more than a couple, please let me know, but three to five is what we typically have seen in the past.  This year I have trapped more than 10 since the end of July, at my residence….I hope this is not an indicator of what’s to come

If you have any questions or concerns, let me know.

Be safe.