Summer Thoughts

Warm days, cool nights:  the perfect time of year to live in Colorado.


The sprinkler systems are active and functioning properly.  Let us know if you observe any brown spots in the grass, where a sprinkler head my not be working as it should.  Absolutely call us if you see a broken head.  These can shoot water 15 feet in the air, and can drive the water bill through the roof!  Occasionally a valve goes bad, and lets the water flow out of the valve box.  If you see this, just turn the water off at the anti-syphon valve, and call us.  Water rates for 2019 increased over the prior year, so please help me control these costs.


Just a reminder:  Do not perform any work on your home without contacting us first.  You risk a huge liability if you try to repair or replace something, and the repair breaks something else, or creates a hazardous or dangerous situation.  You pay your rent so you do not have to do repairs.


With the recent increase in property Taxes, rents will increase.  Specific numbers will come up when your lease expires, but generally speaking it will be around 8%, or $80 per 1,000.  New tenants are looking at substantially higher lease rates.


Finally, please keep an eye on the AC condenser towers, located in the back yard. Make sure there is no debris blocking the coils.  If you are out in the yard using a hose, please hose the dust off the coils.  If you have any issues with cooling your home, please call us.


Make sure that all emails go to:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Be safe.