Last Revision Date:  September  1, 2020

The P&P is a living document.  If a situation arises that is not covered in your lease or the P&P, please contact me, and we will work it out together.


Beginning with new tenant leases in 2015, there will a cleaning deposit included in the security deposit.  A professional cleaning company will provide cleaning estimates prior to tenancy, and if a unit is not adequately cleaned at the end of a tenancy, the cleaning company will clean the unit at current pricing, and the tenant will be charged.

Interior/Exterior Decorations

We know that tenants like to put up decorations for the holidays and special occasions and this is permitted.  Make sure that the decorations leave no damage to the property, either when they are installed, or removed.  this means no nail holes, hooks or screws anchored to any part of the home.  Structures are not permitted and fall under the lease restrictions.  If there is any doubt, check with the property manager.


If your place of employment changes during time of the lease, you must notify me within 3 days.  This allows me to keep my records up to date.

Lease Applications

Applications are required for all new leases.  Information will be verified, and any discrepancies may result in a lease denial.

Lawns and exterior landscaping

Generally, the maintenance of the lawn is the responsibility of the owner.  The tenant is responsible for notifying the owner of any issues that would negatively affect the lawn, or the property in any manner.  Examples of this would include, but not be limited to:  broken sprinkler heads, grass burn due to lack of water or excess fertilizer, or broken tree branches.

Light bulbs

Light bulbs and their replacement is the responsibility of the tenant. When you moved in, all bulbs were functional. When you move out, all bulbs must be functional, or the tenant will be charged for their replacement. All bulbs can be safely replaced by tenants, as long as you are careful.  If you have any problems changing bulbs, let me know and I will help you.  

Locks and Keys 

The locks and keys for the unit are the property of the owner.  As such they may not be added, modified, or removed at any time.  Copies of keys may be made by the tenant, but their functionality will not be guaranteed by the Owner/Agent.  Tenants will pay  $25 for every lost key.  Tenants who, for any reason, request that locks be changed, will be responsible for paying current locksmith charges.


There is a monthly pet charge, in addition to the rent. Generally it will be based on many factors which may include but not be limited to: kind of pet, number of pets, size of the pet, breed of the pet, and size of the home. This will be instituted at the time of the lease, or you want to add a pet to your family.  Written permission must be obtained prior to obtaining any pet.  

 Sewer lines

We cannot control what tenants put down drains and toilets.  If you have a slow running drain, or a toilet that will not flush, we will take care of the repair at no charge for the first thirty (30) days of occupancy.  After thirty days you have 2 choices:

1.       Notify me and I will come in and make the repair, and charges will be assessed to you, or

2.       Notify me of the problem, call your plumber and have the plumber bill you.

Tenants will be responsible for sewage slowdowns or blockages for up to 60 days after vacating the property, or whenever the Security Deposit is returned, which ever happens first.

The only exception to this policy is IF the sewer line is broken or there are tree roots in the pipe, it will be repaired at no charge to the tenant.

Tenants in Occupancy

 When you signed your lease the number of people living in the home under the lease was numerically defined.  Beginning in 2015 leases will have occupants listed by full name and DOB.  To help eliminate any confusion, any person is deemed to be an occupant if they have clothes stored on premises for more than 30 days, or an additional bed appears, or any other observations indicate an additional person has become a tenant.  This can also be determined if the landlord observes more people on site on numerous occasions.  Final determination will be at the discretion of the Owner/Agent.  Additional people not listed in the lease are not allowed.


Reasonable water will be paid by the owner.  Reasonable water is defined as thirty gallons, per person, per day.  Any excessive water usage may be billed to the tenant.  Allowances are made for summer time exterior watering.  Tenants are not responsible for paying for water used to water grass, trees, shrubs, and flowers.  A sewer surcharge may be assessed to the tenant, if excessive water usage occurs in January, February, or March, which results in a higher than normal annual assessment for sewage treatment.  

Windows, Glass and Screens

Broken glass and broken screens are the responsibility of the tenant to replace.  A high percentage of time the tenant has control over the cause of broken glass or screens, but even when the tenant does not have control over a situation that results in damage, the tenant is still responsible for repairs.


Please let us know if you are going to be on vacation.  I will check on the property on a regular basis, and it gives us the opportunity to perform maintenance that would normally be done when the property is vacant.