Winter Times

Will this year ever end?  Yes!! AND there is a light at the end of this (seemingly) endless tunnel

It’s been painful.  There is no debate on that

There is not a person, that has not been affected by the pandemic.  Thankfully all tenants have remained healthy and gainfully employed.

I want thank all of you!  This is a two way street where in you pay your rent, and I supply you with a safe and comfortable home.  If your employment situation changes, please contact me and we will work it out together.

Winter is here so don't forget to keep those sidewalks clear of ice and snow. As a reminder, please do not use salt on the sidewalks. Over time it pits and creates fractures in the concrete. Kitty litter is the best for creating a non-slip walkway.  Since we are in this cool down cycle, we have seen activity in the area of mice. They go outside when its warm, and return to homes (yours) when it again gets cold. I was talking to a professional exterminator and he said that people will regularly leave pet food out, so their pet can eat whenever they want. The problem is that a rodent will take some of that food, and hide it for consumption later at another location. I recommend that you do not leave pet food out, and make sure that it is stored in hard plastic containers. I have seen a mouse get into a 50# bag of dogfood before, and have an unending supply of food.  Scared the dickens out of my wife when she went to get dogfood out of the bag.

Just a reminder: Do not perform any work on your home without contacting us first. You risk a huge liability if you try to repair or replace something, and the repair breaks something else, or creates a hazardous or dangerous situation. The only exception to this is changing light bulbs, but if you need help, just call.  You pay your rent so you do not have to do repairs.

Finally, we have a change in the contact process.  Beginning immediately, please contact Nick Bruton for any issues with your home.  Texting him at 720 326-5244, is the fastest way to contact him.  We are in the process of setting up his email address, and will let you know when that happens.  Until then you can email him at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


If you have any questions or concerns, let me know....I mean Nick.

Be safe.